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Blue Water Cluster - A Painting that Took Five Years to Complete

Posted by Drew Brophy on

I want to share the meaning behind the BLUE WATER CLUSTER painting, sized 60″ x 36″.

Blue Water Cluster by Drew Brophy

This painting has been a work in progress for over five years.

Many years ago I began this piece as one of my “water paintings” which is a process where I use multiple layers of paint to get an effect of what water looks like when you’re under it, in the ocean.

And then I set this painting aside, thinking it was finished.

Later, in 2015, I studied water extensively and learned new information about water that I cannot believe that I never knew. And I’ll bet most of the people reading this didn’t know, either.

After studying the properties of water, I decided to pull this painting back out and I added the blue water clusters.


In 2015, I was commissioned to create an illustration for Greenfield Naturals. They make products that re-structures water and gets greater yields in agriculture and health.

To prepare for the commission, I had to understand the science of water. I spent weeks studying water and how it is structured. I never knew there was so much to know about water.

The most fascinating thing I learned is that water contains memory.

In its natural cycle, water picks up information which it records in clusters of molecules. It picks this up through the sun’s light and through its journey down rivers, passing over minerals.

The electro-magnetic frequency which everything is emitting is the mechanism in which the energy is transferred.

Scientists are now discovering a fourth phase of water which they refer to as ‘EZ water.’ It is highly structured and your body is filled with it.

It is information that your body needs to constantly rebuild itself. We are all made up of mostly water, it is the most important substance we put in our body.

BLUE WATER CLUSTER painting was inspired by this knowledge. This painting illustrates the beauty of the structure of water, our most valuable substance to life on earth.

If you want to learn more about water, its structure and its impact on life, look up Dr. Gerald Pollack, Viktor Schauberger, and the amazing studies of Dr. Masaru Emoto, that show the effect that thoughts and feelings have on water crystals.

As an artist I notice patterns, compositions, and light. Nature has very specific patterns that are consistent in the very small and very large scales. This applies to water structure as well as everything else.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the inspiration behind this painting. If you have any thoughts on water, leave a comment below. Would love to hear some feedback.

Also, below is a fascinating video that shows how words and frequencies can change water (as seen under a microscope), based on Dr. Emoto’s studies. Check it out!

Life is Good, Drew

PS: BLUE WATER CLUSTER original painting is available. Also, we are making available print reproductions on canvas. To inquire, call the studio at 949-678-8133.

Drew Brophy

Artist, illustrator, surfer

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