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How to Prep a Piece of Wood for Painting with Uni Posca Paint Pens

Posted by Drew Brophy on

A question I got by email:

Did you paint the Tripp II painting on wood, since it was so large, and how did you prime it for use with the paint pens, and where can I get your DVD?  Paul Cotton, artist 

My answer:

The Trip II is a huge 8′ x 3′ painting on wood and was a commission for Liquid Force Wakeboards.  I usually like to paint on big surfaces and wood makes it affordable (canvas can be costly.)

I bought the wood at a hardware store.   It’s a 1/4″ birch, with nicely finished sides – it’s more like a finishing board. To prepare it for painting with the paint pens,  I primed it with Kilz Primer, using a roller to cover the entire surface, of both sides (so that it doesn’t warp). 

It’s painted completely with Uni Posca paint pens, and Kilz worked great for that. After painting, I sealed with Krylon Matte Finish, then had it framed.

As for my PAINT PEN TECHNIQUES DVD where I show you everything you need to know about painting with water-based paint pens – you can buy it here.